Nov. 5, 2021

Jaimican American General Collin Powel's funeral took place at the USA Washington Cathedral .

Former Kenyan American president Barack Obama and and former president George Bush and their spouses joined USA president Biden and American first lady Dr Biden at the Funeral of Jaimican American and statesman general Collin Powell at the Washington national cathedral in the District of Columbia.
Former republican President Trump who insulted General Collin Powell calling him a republican by name or RINO was not invited and honored same by staying away .
Most of the speakers repeated what Americans already know of their Collin Powell ' that he was a family man ' military leader and top American diplomat as a former secretary of state .
Non of the presidents spoke though former USA secretary of state Madeleine Albright spoke of her work relationship with Collin Powell when she was head of the USA mission at the united nations and Powell commander .
Powell's son spoke about the husband and father he was to his family and his impactful leadership relationships out of the family.
In the funeral sermon 'the minister spoke about the need for unity in America ' while assuring the family of the presence of general Collin Powell with the Lord.