Nov. 6, 2021

Astros world Festival death tragedy :Legal communicators and forces of law at work .

The Astro world festival tragedy where close to 8 persons are reported dead and about 300 injured are recieving treatment is being investigated for the answers the community of Houston and outside need for their questions .
Chief Troy Finner believes enough police officers and security agents were on the grounds to have things in control and prevent the tragedy .
Many injured including children as young as 10 years are treated in different medical institutions ' include the county health system hospital of Ben Taub medical center.
Questions related to how many ambulances were made available ' and how fast those who died could have been rushed to hospital remain unanswered.
Families whose love ones went out to attend the event and have not yet made contact with them are told to contact the authorities.
The media persons at the different sites will continue to inform the communities after talking and getting first hand information on the cause of death which only comes from the Corona's office .
For information about involved love ones who went or participated at the event at the NRG go to the command center set up by chief Troy Finner and his team at
Wyndham hotel ' 8686 Kirby Drive or call
1. 8323932991

2 832 393 2990