Nov. 7, 2021

Astro world deaths : Why are Gregg Abbbot' Biden ' Cruz ' Jackson lee and others quiet .

The image shown above of the swallowed American residents may be partly to be blamed for the silence of those who are always talking .
Politicians and business people play the same games and know when to hide .
Lina Hildago deffered questions asked her about the county's NRG ' by saying they took away our authority and before she would call about by names and on this said day ' they are now they.
What authority is she talking about in the first place . Well let's cut her axslack for being very young and her handlers not being good in what they do .
It is not they governor Abbott who gave the approval for the event and Hildago knows she dare not stop the organizers of the event ' they are too powerful for her .
The mayor says the NRG is the property of the county and Hdago says they took away their authority but she was still speaking in her authority capacity .
Lina Hildago says she is investigating that which falls under her jurisdiction and authority and it will be an independent investigation .
Watching politicians who came to be seen but refused to speak 'unlike is their habit and nature ' you get lots of answers .
The are many media outlets leaking information from those who attended the events saying many lapses occurred and organizers were asked to shut down the event long before people died based on previous happenings .
Those politicians who are afraid of what the real truth may come out to be have kept quiet and distanced themselves from the press around the scene.
The CIA and fbi must be gathering information secretly which Abbott and those mentioned above knows and have decided to protect their tax payers positions they occupy by staying quiet .
Listening to the questions from one of the latino journalists and communicators who were inside the NRG and her contradicting Hildago ' one comes to the conclusion that investigative journalist should address these issues with care ' because when millions are concerned ' lives can easily be hit as they do with too many homicides in Houston ' which is not the fault of law and order but the people in the most part .
How can police come out saying people were injecting the necks of police officers with needs of possibly banned substances?.
Guess certain people remain in tax payers offices for life without term limits because they learnt where to appear and give papers called proclamations and or flags from where they bring them from .
It is just so sad that these deaths would have been prevented and they were allowed to happen. With close to three lawsuits already filed ' it may be prudent to stay quiet because any thing said may be used against your elections for the tax payers positions you occupy.
Experts also belief the county officials should be sued among the organizers .
Matras Mark had already asked for a mass and prayers at the Roman catholic assumption Cathedral down town for the deceased .
Since Scot is known and contribute to the campaigns of Houston politicians ' they are not expected to be out speaking and demand truthful independent investigations.
This tragedy should have brought the governor of Texas Abbot to Houston to see and know of things first hand and he has not done so 'instead he asked for investigations from a distance 'a silent message that says I donot care about Houstonians.
It is also wrong for Judge Hildago to blame the governor for taking away their authorities . Stop the event because of Covid19 was never considered and over ruled by the governor.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.