Nov. 9, 2021

Medico-Legal components of the Astro World tragedy.

When mass gatherings happen with many injured and deaths ' the epidemiology or injury data increases nationally with the need to know the distribution and determinants. for the global and protection part of Epidemiology work and addressing all the concerns .
A health or medical emergency company was contracted to provide services and the care complains related to their work .
The is talk of civil and or criminal charges by lawyers who may have started litigating their cases in press conferences.
It is not a legal defense force police chief to say I expressed security concerns when I visited the trailer of Travis Scott when I visited him and expressed security concerns ' for if you had security concerns ' as police chief you given the authority to shut down the event ' because police chiefs do that ' except the is something we donot know .. The chief had security concerns as expressed ' and never stopped the event is very revealing .
Press conferences in courts in Houston tells Alito about what operates with Houston and Harris County.
Judges should be told to stop lawyers litigating the Astroworld festival tragedy in the press conferences. Media outside seem biased on racial lines . Those predominantly latino are defending Lina Hildago in a subtle way ' by their constant repeat of the statement that Houston police department and fire department are those with jurisdiction over the NRG . Well 'Mayor Sylvester Turner started by saying NRG is the property of the county ' creating the grounds for the narratives of today .
In the briefing on Saturday ' I Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson ' asked the authorities why the event was not stopped earlier in the day when barriers were breached ' security apparatus knocked down and was told that police department had all in control .
The police introduced the talk of drugs as would be expected in an outdoor concert of that magnitude 'those the Forensic science institute has not published it's findings to the public .
No body does any thing to perfection in an outside concert like that .
Experts in crowd management have already spoken of the possible mistakes made and the is no way the County officials ' city police department and fire can go without blame .
The medical and legal issues are problematic and the blame is not on any one person .
We cannot say we expressed our security concerns to Travis Scott when we visited him for goodness sake . If the head of police had that much security concerns to warrant writing such a lengthy statement given to the press. He should have shut the event down 'he has the authority to do so .
The county owns the NRG ' and should stop shifting responsibility to the city .
People from multiple states were killed and it is expected that the federal bureau of investigation will get involved .
Those writing to the state assembly and governor Gregg Abbott to ban Travis Scott from ever performing in Houston and Texad again based on the history of similar lapses and incitement of chaos may have good motives but going too far to fast .
The is nothing complex about the investigations because many departments are involved as said by Lina Hildago ' for this is not the first time this has happened in America . The problem in this place is people pride themselves in knowing what they donot know and manipulatively shut down those who know and can help them .
The concerns Troy Finner says he spoke to Travis Scott about were never addressed .
.The police's Fire ' city and County makes money from these events . The medico legal issues are now on the lips of many following the news .
Lawyers may ask for independent postmortem studies which is their right .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health expert, USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.