Nov. 9, 2021

Astro World tragedy: Half truths' lies and shifting blames .

While some are plotting behind to empty the bank accounts of Travis Scott and possibly indict him criminally and lock him up or kill for murder of attendees of his concerts ' others like contractors and consultants. of the events are outrightly lying ' saying half truths and shifting blame .
With Houston lawyers like Busbee already litigating in press conference rooms with others lined up ' people have started speaking up and out .
Now those reporting on these events with racial biases to defend certain authorities and companies must search their consciences for truth .
.If you were suppose to attend the planning and safety session. For the event and you did not ' then you were to be disqualified ' because you could nor work with others if you did not attend the meetings to plan and prepare . This has nothing to do with a white owned paradox company . Most of those who attended and spoke out said paradoxes or their safety staff were not any where around to help when needed most .
The county is giving out the emergency plan submitted to it for commentators to continue poking holes on it and make the county and organizers look like laughing stocks .
If the county found no problem with that emergency plan before approval of the event ' then it was good or perfect and those questioning it have a problem . So far the emphasis I hear certain media people make is not important . The plan tries to address emergencies without disruption of the event and that happens ' except those talking have not worked for big conventions or conferences .
The is alot of defenses based on half truths and or outright lies related to the questions asked .
Scott Travis contracted alot of operations of that event to other companies who must answer the questions ' no body cares if they are white owned or not .
The person who shut and killed a young lady in the process of making a movie has said it is a mistake and responsibility has been placed at the feet of certain persons and it is Okay to all's not because he is white I guess?.
While Scott has questions to answer ' let us not forget those who were contracted to secure the place and provide adequate medical and emergency assistance.
The authorities know the nature of the event and they approved it .
They know of similar events that led to deaths and approved it .
All the half truths ' lies and shifting blame is of no use .
Lawyers are already involved and law suits filed. . While legal press conferences. Zara needed and used by lawyers for their own gain ' people should know that those dead' will never have any thing to do with money given as rewards to the lawyers for their clients.
Unfortunately ' when people say black lawyers should not be taking money in cases like George Floyd ' the politicians behind them say no ' it is reparations. No it is not reparations but blood money .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.