Nov. 10, 2021

Astro world deaths : Honorable Travis rebukes. Turner administration at council session.

Honorable Houston local government council man ' Travis had stern words for the city councilors in the Wednesday council session which at one point made mayor Sylvester Turner very uncomfortable.
Travis wanted to know if the city or county was involved in permitting for the Astro world festival event and they said no though side comments and clarifications informed Travis that some elements of permits came from the city administration of Houston.
Travis was disturbed that the city had more than 500 of it's 5000 police officers paid overtime for a county property and so called county approved event with no constable or Sheriffs on site .
Travis said experts speaking on national television are revealing the security failures that ocvured . Mayor Turner then interjected and cautioned Honorable Travis.
Travis said his city of Houston should never be committed again to an open event of that nature ' as he apportioned blame to the organizers of the events for the failures ' missteps and or gaps that Turner says may have happened at different levels which the independent investigations will reveal for the city to learn from and make changes going forward.
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