Nov. 11, 2021

Travis Scott like Deshuan Watson has loaded bank accounts that Busbee and other are after.

The photo credit goes to Houston channel 2.

The young ' unwise' unlearned and unschooled about the USA are fed manipulative lies by many media outlets in the USA.
Why does the same media outlets working for their masters and owners 'say now that once Scott was notified he stopped the show ' after they have published and said all types of nasty things about his past 'as if their own pass is clean like pedophilic USA priests and bishops .
Unfortunately ' those who get money from the likes of Travis Scott and Deshuan Watson for their useless political campaigns are too sheepish to praise them when the accuser of the brethren rises up .
No body iscariot convict until found guilty in the courts of law.
The are too many useless press conferences with contradictory information given to the public piecemeal ' all calculated to play on the gullibility of too many residents in Houston 'Texas and other places .
Stop the foolishness of say donot draw conclusion until after the investigations . It is a free world and nation and people have the right to hold opinions and expressed same in public as long as it is not against the law to do so .
Those who condemn the white race in certain positions 'seem to be worst when they find themselves in same positions which is really sad .
Travis Scott contracted the organization of that event to mostly white companies . Start with them not him . He is already called the dog with bad names in order to hang him .
I sympathize and send condolences to those who were injured and or died . I am also calling in young adults and youths in America to learn from thiese events . Life is tricky and you donot control things .
As Houston council man Pollard says ' check your selves internally. for the way you broke the barriers and knocked the metal detectors was really shameful and Travis Scott never told you to do that .
As chief Samuel Pena of the fire department says ' all those involved with that event have accountability to render the people and the USA .
Travis Scott as Artist was being handled and managed by certain people and companies who are responsible even for when the event starts and ends not Travis Scott.
Those with very little knowledge and experience in the running of concerts and conventions are polluting the place with lies .
Donot litigate the cases in the press but in the courts.
Travis Scott is innocent until convicted in the court of law . Those who go after the money of clients will always appear when rich artists and entertainers are accused and should also go ahead with their jobs in court not in press conference rooms .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.