Nov. 12, 2021

Astro world deaths: Travis Scott's lawyer calls out the inconsistency of Finner and Turner.

E. M Marpheson , the lawyer for Travis Scott is following the lead of lawyers against Travis Scott to litigate in the public arena ,' speaking to media outlets who expose opponents .
The smart lawyer is exposing inconsistencies in the public statements made by authorities of tax payers servant offices in the city of Houston and Harris county .
While the lawyer says his client never knew things had gotten out of hand with Americans injured and dying while he sang along , he has words for the chief of police of Houston Troy Finner and the mayor of the city of Houston Sylvester Turner.
The lawyer says Finner said in the beginning that, though the was concerns , if they had tried stopping the event all hell would have broken out , and then turns around saying they had every thing in control after the attendees broke down the barriers and knocked down the metal detectors . Troy Finner had quoted Turner ,saying every thing is on the table as long as the investigations were concerned ,then turned around telling press people that,' the FBI is not welcome nor have HPD invited the FBI because they can handle their own Houston Texas investigations.
Turner says the NRG is the property of the County of Harris which to him is responsible for the approval of the event , then turns around saying the people should be united over the crisis .
Does Finner belief that Anericans will have him do an independent investigation of the security failures at the event where his police officers were part of security ?.
Why all these counter accusations and finger pointing?.
If the city and county are added to the law suits which are more than 75 in number presently , then it means accepting, failures and paying many millions and or billions in damages 'which city governance policy makers like Travis have spoken against.
Failures and mistakes happened and gaps were in parts of the planning.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.