Nov. 15, 2021

Astroworld festival demonic deaths: Former County judge fails those involved.

Former Harris county judge Ed Emmett has said having a plan on executing an event like the deadly Astro was festival that killed 9 people and left too many injured should have gone according to plans .
The failures of the events meant the plans were not respected and followed.
Though Hartis county and city of Houston government are shifting blame from one local government institution to another and HPD saying no to FBI probing that would be able to expose the failures of security personnel and others ' lawyers have taken over 'dancing the dance if fools .
Lying by government authorities in Houston and Harris county is not new .
It was mostly lies told media people during the Harding street so called drug burst gone wrong ' and they have been exposed and caught by independent investigations .
How could 500 police security officers in a concert not know that surges will happen and mitigated same ?.
New pictures show police office by the stage enjoying the show .
The events are insured and the insurance companies may deny to pay if their lawyers and investigators can prove that city police and county were part of the negligence .
Now that the city and county officials have smartly made themselves the investigators ' how can they expose themselves?.
Truly the swallowed ones have been met on the other side as the marketting resources showed and it had to be kids as the shirts show .