Nov. 15, 2021

Biden Administration defies and manipulate the UN and WHO over Covid vaccines for Kids .

The United states is part of the pan American Health organization though it does not take guidance from that body that was integrated into the WHO system after the body was formed ' nor are they respecting the advice from the World health organization for countries to hold off vaccinations of kids ' so that health care workers and those at high risk in all UN andvWHO member states are inoculated.
Vaccinating children in a pandemic emergency where children are not consider very high risk groups makes no sense ' global health experts are saying.
Low and middle income countries have money's some of which they borrow to the most indebted nation on Earth and have no problem buying the vaccines 'if not of the games that so called industrialize countries play 'besides vaccines nationalism .
Biden haven rejoined the WHO organization after Trump pulled out without consulting the tax payers 'whose money is the dues of the USA was considered a good thing. though the unsuspecting forgot that Biden is part of the USA professional old school politicians who voted for the Iraq war like republicans and therefore act accordingly.
The is not need being part of any multilateral organization like the UN and WHO and defying the decisions of these bodies .
The leadership of the world health organization is watching with disbelief how America is back really translate to back to the way America conducts itself at the UN and or WHO ' dictating or pulling out and unfortunately ' other nations that stand up to the USA like Rusdia and China are doing the same.
Jill Biden is all over the place talking vaccinations for kids 'though they had no courage during the last World health assembly and UNGA to say they will not respect the decisions of UN or WHO member states.
Like France learnt recently with the Australian submarines deal that annoyed France leading to the calling of the French ambassador from Washington ' Dr Tedros and others. at the WHO headquarters are learning that the return of America is one with strings attached 'which is now an embarrassment for them in the press releases they issue. America is not leading in the fight against of Covid19 ' so the Covax propaganda at the level of the state department is a waste of time . You lead when you respect agreed upon principles and joint decisions .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.