Nov. 15, 2021

Infrastructures bill: Health and development projects should be given priority.

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo global health professional and expert with Houston mayor Sylvester Turner.

President Biden in a Bipartisan manner secured more than one trillion dollars for infrastructures in the USA 'which is a welcome relief .
Bridges have fallen recently in certain cities in the USA like happens in Banana republics.
Many roads are in disrepair and some cities have too much pot holes that requires money in redoing the roads .
While Houston is the biggest city in Texas , it's light rail system that uses electricity , helping to reduce emissions , is very very little and requires extension to at least the international airport or George Bush.
Galveston , Houston , New Orleans and other Louisiana cities are constantly affected by hurricanes and other climate change events and will need much of the infrastructures dollars from the federal government.
Health infrastructures in most small towns in America are dilapidated or out rightly abandoned , and requires federal assistance from the infrastructure money .
.The educational infrastructures of many minority communities are out rightly bad and requires repairs .
The Texas electric grid requires infrastructure money to, make it better .
Though states, cities and counties will be competing for the dollars ,Houston and the other cities among the 10 biggest in America should have a clear idea of what is old and bad that needs repair and what new infrastructures should be done especially in hospital desserts in the East side of Houston.
Infrastructures are not limited to roads or bridges or port structures but include health and educational infrastructures.
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader ,physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA .
Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.