Nov. 24, 2021

World petroleum congress in Houston to discuss Energy sector issues with global leaders.

The World petroleum congress has returned to the USA after 30 years ' hosted by the Energy capital of the world ' city of Houston Texas .
From the 5-9 of December ' policy makers ' petroleum industry experts and government leaders will address the current issues of Energy in the Upstream ' Midstream and Downstream industries of the sector .
In a time of high fuel prices at the pump in the USA with fingers pointed at OPEC and petroleum industry experts ' the World Petroleum congress is positioned to bring answers to the issues.
The head of OPEC in the person of Mr Sanusi who is regularly present at the CeraWeek conferences by IHS Markit will be speaking at the event .
Other speakers are from Asia ' Europe ' Africa and the USA .
Energy transition in the face of global.warming and climate change was well addressed at the March 2021 CeraWeek conferences and the vice chairman of IHS Markit ' Daniel Yergin will be speaking ' most likely sharing some wisdom from his book on Energy and Climate ' and some of the expert positions of the last CeraWeek conference.
Registration for the congress is open .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo.