Nov. 24, 2021

British Americans and Nigerian Americans say thanks giving to God for American Indians.

His eminence excellency minister,Rev Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo at Chicago airport USA .

European Americans including Nigerian and Chinese Americans are travelling all over the place giving thanks to God for creating these lands and for American Indians allowing others to come in and share in their lands giving birth to kids with DNA and genes from their places of origin.
May flower ships or slave ships means nothing ' for God made room for all to come to these lands created by God and humbly cultivate it for the good of the human race.
If the human race could humble itself ' it will realize that history has not made too much room for bragging and manipulative killings.
Truly we come to Eatth with nothing at birth and will return to dust taking nothing along .
America is an experiment ' to show how beautiful and great heaven will be when people from all nations are welcomed like angelic Indian Americans to share and live together in healthy interdependence and mutual respect and cooperation.
Amaurd Abberry Iis dead and the is nothing to give thanks in the conviction of the criminals ' for he will not come back though a form of punishment and justice obtained .
The is nothing to celebrate in the discharge of RittenHouse in the killing of Anerican people in a protest in Kenosha ' for the end on this cause and effect life is not human desires and actions

Good has come out of evil in this world many times and in every thing we are admonished to give thanks for it all works out for the good of those who love God and called according to God s purpose .
There are no white people or race on Eearth. because the color white is not seen on any human species nor are there any black people or tabor any where. though the ate colored and dark skin people not black race .
If you are flying home for thanks giving and have time to reflect in those planes. you would realize that you said s prayer before taking off. Knowing that if the plane crashes. only God can save you and you have thanked him for all the times you flew in 2021 without dying
You are not stronger or better than those who died from Covid19 thos year 2021. You are still here because of the grace of God .
Those who died from different ailments in 2021 are not worst sinners than you and me '. We are saved by his grace.
What does thanks giving mean to you ?
If you donot belief in a God to whom thanks is given. then stay away from celebrating thanks giving. for you will be a hypocrite if you do . Courageous people must always stand their beliefs.
It is not happy holidays but time to come together and give thanks to God for his blessings on these American lands and it s residents .
What does happy thanks giving mean?.
Happy in eating and drinking for unbelievers during the holidays?
I donot like saying founders of these nation because Americam Indians have nations in these lands and take offense to that .
A nation is it a lands and residents.
The founders are the original people. So I say ' you all who came from outside have joined the original founders and people to live together in these lands created by God .
We give thanks to God and all who are courageous enough to speak truth
Thanks giving happens in many countries like Canada 'beria ' Australia ' Rwanda and really originated after 1500 following the protests against Roman catholic traditions and the reformers and puritans dedicating special days for thanks to God for blessings on them .
Landing safely in the Americas from England' the puritans gave thanks . New strangers and settlers invited American Indians to their feasts of thanks for great harvest and other blessings.
Thanks giving is not American because. Canada like other nations give thanks to God on certain says .
The is an American thanks giving which is not the only thanks given nor the foolishness of saying thanks giving is American 'as if God is worshipped and given thanks only in America .

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.