Nov. 25, 2021

Donald Trump and Fox news refuse to praise the verdict and jury in the Amaurd Arberry trial.

Donald Trump has decided that he is the messiah ' creator and owner of the Americas lands and what ever he believes and says is law and many follow him blindly in the way he inserts himself in judicial proceedings ' insulting certain judges and praising the weak of mind who follow him like sheep.
In the Rittenhouse trial ' Trump decided that RittenHouse was right to take war like weapons and kill Caucasian Americans like animals because they joined colored people or minorities fighting against injustices in the shooting of minorities .
Donald Trump vocally boasted that many would have been unhappy had Rittenhouse been convicted . TRUMP Iinvited Ritten house ' took pictures with the crying pediatric age wanna be soldier and sent them out for Fox news to publish as they all rejoiced over the acts of Ritten house ' praising the jury .
Since Trump loves juries and praises them when they give out verdicts' one would have thought that like President Joe Biden Trump would have praised the jury that convicted the three caucasian men in Georgia who maliciously killed Amaurd Arberry and that has not happen not because 11 of thev12 are caucasian looking men but because Trump either does not know how to be consistent or is just a selective manipulator of the not too smart and intelligent Americans .
Joe Biden said he respected the jury's work in the RittenHouse trial and have said similar things about the july in Georgia while Donald Trump is shamefully quiet ' since to him 'it could have been otherwise .
Why does Fox news not celebrate the work of the jury in the Amaurd Arberry verdict like they did RittenHouse?.
While the Amaurd Arberry jury verdict does not convince me that 'the jury system works for minorities ' because that is an isolated case among too many gone wrong ' I would have expected Donald Trump to be consistent in his praise of all jurors in the USA .
The racial and political divisions in America are playing out in the courts and state legislatures .
When cases must be won and or lost bases on who follows Donald Trump to wish for the killings of Americans like RittenHouse did ' you donot need a crystal ball to see and know where America is headed.
Trump and Fox news are making great money work on the gullibility of lots of Americans and destroying the country in the process .
Yes minorities are not saints neither are caucasians and to chose one group to eliminate over the other is the work of weak and little people .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.