Nov. 27, 2021

WHO technical advisory group on Virus evolution announces a new SarsCov2 variant ,' Omicron.

Omicron is the name given to B.1.1-529 Sars Cov2 variant of concern by the technical advisory group of virus evolution at the world health organization 'WHO .
South Africa has been doing a great job in genomic sequencing and sharing the information they get with the world health organization as fast as they get it so global Covid19 preparedness and Response isxadapted to new realities by members states and is commended for a great job 'unlike nations who tell their citizens and residents not to do testing so the world does not know what operates in their countries 'giving themselves false security that leads to millions dying .
Viruses mutate ever so often and there are many mutations of the same virus that may not be of great interest and concern to global health leaders .
The Covid19 virus is mutating where it has reached and is taken care of by national global health experts .
Omicron is just another Covid19 causing virus mutation like the Delta mutation and others .
Global health experts are studying the situation and communicating with partners globally .
The nature of the new variant' it's transmission ' 'distribution ' determinants and diseases or injurious or virulent nature is also being studied epidemiologically ' so that protective and preventive epidemiological strategies can be applied and to adapted to it .
The World health organization orc WHO in it's communique sent to Healthndevelopment magazine and Media is advising member states on the following '1. Enhance surveillance and sequencing efforts to better understand circulating SARS-Cov2 variants 2 Report initial cases and clusters associated with VOC or virus of concern infection to the who through international health regulation or IHR 3 Where capacity exist and in coordination with international community 'perform field investigations and laboratory assessments to improve understanding of potential impact of VOC on Covid19 19 epidemiology 'serology ' effectiveness of public health and social measures ' diagnostic methods 'immune response 'antibody neutralization or other relevant characteristics.
The World organization remind individuals to take measures to reduce the risk of Covid19 'including proven public health and social measures and social measures such as wearing well fitting masks 'hand hygiene 'physical distancing 'improving ventilation of indoor spaces ' avoiding crowds .
Nations are cautioned against over reach while others have restricted international travel to and from South Africa and it's neighboring states or countries .
The world health organization has about 7 approved Covid19 vaccines against Sars Cov2 though the USA 'a UN andcWHo member statescacceorscand uses only three which are Biontech Pfizer vaccine ' Medona and Jansen or J and J vaccines for residents.
The vaccine manufacturers are already doing biomedical testing and studies on the Omicron variant to determine if it evades the vaccines available 3 or the president vaccines in constituted states and quantities 'number of doses given and duration are enough to control and contain the new variant of Micron .
Mutations of the Sars Cov2 virus is happening in all regions of the world and only global solidarity and cooperation ' following the example of South Africa will get the world safe and free from Sars Cov2 and Covid19 .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.