Nov. 28, 2021

Houston Channel two setting the c.e. o of Crimes stoppers with satanic USA bail questions .

Houston Channel has found a way to use Balogun and other minorities for the dirty media works of their masters.
They love showing the pictures of blacks and Latinos killing whites and others while the selectively send excited unsuspecting r
Reporters to go do the work for their masters .
Mayor Sylvester Turner has accused them of destructive journalism in their 2019 mayoral campaign involved homosexual sex scandals they claim the mayor had had with a young Nigerian and they feared threats by the mayor of a law suit .
Crime stoppers has sandwich itself in the criminal justice system and is pulling in the moneys the masters want and seem to do their job .
Tears will pour down your eyes to see the different black and latino families whose pictures are shown' killed mostly by blacks and latinos .
The complexity of the situation is that minorities need the bail s
System if they are constantly going in and out of the justice system.
Minorities complain that the bail system favour caucasians and have always fought to fix it .
Police officers who have just a GED and police training no university training go to crime stoppers and insult judges on the bench over the bail system ' because according to them ' certain demographic data works for certain people and races and the unsuspecting know little about the working and politics behind the criminal justice system .
Like Balugun ' channel 2 have sseen an unsuspecting executive director of the crime stoppers to use in their dirty useless bail in Texas talk and fight .
The is nothing new in Houston and Texas ' and nothing new to be expected from the c.e.o of crime stoppers .
The board president should have been called to talk about no bail for minorities killing minorities not the CEO.
The CEO is not a judge or prosecutor and does not grant bail .
Judges are going in for reelection into offices and donot want any crime stoppers employee to tell them how to run their judicial offices.
The people want bail and judges who donot grant bail will be voted out of office period and the president of Crime stoppers should not allow the masters of channel 2 Houston use her through their press agents .
Those minority American judges know you and who you are and why they may use you .
Watch out as you go to channel 2 talking about no bail or what ever.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.