Nov. 28, 2021

Republican senators Cotton and Cruz insults WHO and China ' ahead of Pandemic treaty WHA.

Republican senators Tom Cotton of of Arkansas and Ted Cruz of Texas are watching the World health organization ' calling it a puppet of the Chinese communist party government and a corrupt organization that president Biden should not have returned to .
Cotton says the World health organization is a joke and that the WHO is more concerned about protecting the feelings of Chinese government than public health .
Ted Cruz says if the WHO is scared of the chinese communist party ' ' how can they be trusted to call them out next time they are trying to cover up a catastrophic global pandemic .
Republican Ken Buck says the new virus should be called the Xi variant since China lied and spread Covid19 to begin with in a tweet he posted on Saturday the 11/27/2021.
The Greek letters are used in naming the variants so the stigmatization does not happen the 194 member states of the WHO including the USA agreed .
These senators who never went to medical school in any part of the world nor are they experts in global health must be cut a slack for their ignorant and unwise political divisive comments at a time when the world needs solidarity to help the USA heal from the bad covid 19 preparedness and response from the republicans under their master Donald Trump ' who with them prescribed injection of bleach as treatment and no watering of masks .
These republicans are following in the footsteps of Trump and his former minister of Health Alex Azar in asking for reforms they imagined to be dictated by them .
Their lack of understanding of the inner workings of the world health organization secretariat and the Worldvhealth assembly shows in their comments and tweets .
Who is called the WHO but the member states . The USA is the reason why China does what they do .
These Republicans who benefit from cheap Chinese labor for all their goods labeled made in China sold in the USA USA should stop making noise and fooling themselves.
Other nations accuse the UN and WHO for being a puppet of the USA.
Finally the world has realized that USA fear of China is the beginning of global wisdom ' and smart Americans have refused to be fooled by the ignorant .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo ' international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.