Nov. 30, 2021

Harris county Judge Lina Hildago announces new strategic Violent Crimes prevention initiative.

Harris county judge Lina Hildago has announced new strategies to replace old ones that she claims never worked in the prevention and or arrest of Violent crimes and or offenders in the county .
The initiative has three main components , one of which is data based analysis that drives strategic policing action by Sheriffs and constables under the leadership of Sheriff Gonzales .
The community and or relational policing strategies are also applied , engaging the community to contribute in Holistic Violent crimes prevention strategies , with resources allocated for reentry and pretrial services and mental health .
Hildago said the emphasis placed on prison and building many more prisons did not work in the past and must be replaced with the new initiative which will still increase the number of public safety agents at many of the notorious communities .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson .