Dec. 6, 2021

Mayor Of Houston Honorable Sylvester Turner , praised by World Petroleum leadership .

Mayor Sylvester Turner , a leader of Leaders in the USA , who also happens to be a former Texas State representative and former president of the Texas black caucus House of representative and current president of the USA association of Black mayors was praised by the current president of the World Petroleum council , Mr Tor F Jaeran , after Turner addressed the delegates and participants at the opening plenary of the 2021Wolrd Petroleum Congress in Houston Texas .
Mayor Turner was called a thoughtful leader who has achieved very much and should be consulted if need be by participants especially in his Climate action plan and resiliency and sustainability initiatives .
Mayor Turner shared some of the strategic directions , initiatives and achievements in his Houston Climate action plan , resiliency , sustainability and complete communities initiative .
Mayor Turner has led Houston with other leaders in the preparedness and recovery from major climate change related storms like Hurricane Harvey and the recent Winter storms that left many hundreds of thousands of Texans without electricity because pf problems atributted to the Texas electric grid which Mayor Turner had tried mitigating with a bill he drafted and presented to the Texas House of representative in Austin but was never brought to the floor for discussion and voting by the republican leadership .
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