Dec. 9, 2021


The 16 years reign of German Chancellor Angela Merkel from East Germany has come to an end with the Bundestag or German parliament voting in her former finance minister and vice chancellor Olaf Scholz to replace her .
The Greens and democratic party agreed to join the Social democrats of Scholz to form a new government with 16 ministers .
After the vote from the Bundestag and the acceptance of the results by Olaf Scholz , the president of Germany formerly appointed Scholz as the new Chancellor.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz will have to deal with immediate pressing problems facing his country top of which is Covid-19 , with Germany said to have entered a 4th wave ,and Climate change and Russian possibility of invading Ukraine as others .
Olaf Scholz has been described by many political pundits as a cold headed , calm political and administrative leader who may likely continue in the ways of his former boss Angela Merkel , governing from the middle .
He will be making his first trip out of Germany to Paris and Brussels .
Dr ,Ntuba Thompson Akwo , international political leader , physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert in Global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .