Dec. 13, 2021

Partisan USA Supreme justices fear Biden court packing 'issues controversial Tx abortion ruling .

The republicans because of greed used outright stealing and theft of supreme open seats starting with Obama to destroy the USA supreme court, making it a useless governmental institution in the hands of republican puppets drunk with love for power and control 'working with their useless lies telling media outlets like Fox.
The recently passed partisan reproductive laws in Texas by Gregg Abbot and his minions were challenged by Americans right up to the supreme court and the ruling from the Roberts headed court is all but a bundle of confusion that leaves the Texas law in place but asking that it be challenged.
It was challenged and brought before the justices who could not take sides and die like Clarence Thomas the lone dissent.
Judges of the supreme court know what they benefit from life tenure and are afraid to get into the bad books of president Biden who may change the court according to the court reforms committee recommendations, creating term limits, ' packing the court and appointing new democratic justices to overcome the Republican court seats stealing.
Smart people laugh really hard at the disgrace that the greedy and wicked have turned the USA government into.
Since republicans could not get the congressional numbers to pass their greedy agenda, they resort to the use of the Supreme court they have now turned into a hypertensive partisan body.
Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.