Dec. 15, 2021

Turbo machinery Symposia celebrates 50 years of existence and training..

Dr. Eric Petersen, the Turbomachinery laboratory director at the Texas A & M engineering experiment station declared the 50th Turbomachinery and 37th international pump users Symposium (TPS 2021 opened at noon on Tuesday 15th of December 2021 at the George Brown convention center downtown Houston.
While briefly talking about the 50th anniversary of the Turbomachinery aspects of the meeting, participants were admonished to take full advantage of what the physical meetings offer including networking opportunities, industry products, and services at the many vendor booths and the continued education training at the workshops and center presentations.
TPS remains a viral industry event ' offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers, and technicians worldwide organizers have written.
TPS has an impact on many companies and sectors including' Oil and gas, petrochemical, power ' aerospace 'chemical, and water industries through the technical program and exhibition.
It is an international or global symposium with participants coming in from 45 countries to be part of the close to five thousand attendees 'who visit about 365 exhibiting companies.
Attendees learn about what works and what is trending from leading experts, maximize turbomachinery and pump performance through digital technology '' get to reduce maintenance costs through less frequent and fast off-line maintenance and increase their productivity through online diagnostics 'trip reduction ' accelerating restart and extending intervals.

Some of the topics treated at the symposium include maintenance ' troubleshooting ' emerging designs, technology, reliability, and best practices that include real-world relevance on problem-solver and lessons learned.
Pumps are also useful in the health and medical industry with use in Ventilators, Heart pumps, and other medical devices.
You can participate in the event by registering at .
Dr ,Ntuba Thompson Akwo