Dec. 17, 2021

Covid 19 preparedness and Response : USA refuses to listen to PAHO .

The United States is a member of the Pan American Health Organization but refuses to listen to PAHO nor learn from a PAHO member of Canada how to control Sars Cov 2 and its multiple variants ,non of which was first identified in the USA, a sign that USA bioscientists have been sleeping and or hiding their genome sequencing results.
Global health experts continue to ask why the USA is always lagging behind in identifying variants which most probably are in the USA before bioscience experts pick them up in other parts of the world like the United kingdom and Brazile before the United States.
The Pan American health organization has been giving information on what happens in the Americas that are for the most part ignored by scientists and social workers in America.
Everything in American is now done on television, where people talk nonsense always in the name of science.
So-called illiterate American politicians have gone in front of this Pandermic talking bleach and Ivermectin , killing many thousands in the process and they will not stop.
Many American senators who go on television defending why the must are no vaccines and mask mandates, saying people are free to do as they please, are the same idiots telling others that they cannot do as they chose with their bodies under the so called Texas reproductive rights laws.
So-called American senators and uneducated congresspeople come out in public exposing their ignorance by saying they will never listen to the director of CDC ,who went to medical school and studied population health and Epidemiology.
A degree in public administration is not the same as medical education or a degree in public health.
Those who studied public health have also decided that they are trained physicians too, creating confusion all over the place and misinforming people.
To be attorney general, they expect you to have a law degree but to be a minister of health, you do not need a degree in health or medicine, just a GED in English is okay and we are surprised with the garbage we get from your departments of health.
When American senators decided that they are all Dr. Rand Paul and must tell the World Health Organization what to do, experts took notice.
Maybe Cruz of Texas was right to say, Biden should not appoint a nonmedical Doctor as the head of a technical department as Health care.
Those in PAHO trained in medicine and global health are better off than all the American non-medical expert senators when medicine and global public health is concerned and must be listened
to during epidemics like Covid19, not some health care illiterates.
Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.