Dec. 18, 2021


The Astro world killings and violence is the greatest eye-opener and mafia event that took place in Houston in 2021 and that asks for great soul searching.
Houston chronicle investigative journalists have exposed failures of the city of Houston police, and Harris county.
When a journalist who was present inside the event grounds asked Lina Hildago why she allowed the event to take place with that huge crowd knowing the risk of mass gatherings vis a vis transmission of Sars Cov 2 and it,s variants , like the young county judge Hilda is, she was not prepared for the questions and she said they had taken her authority over events away, making experienced political communicators with history of holding political offices around the world to laugh in the inside.
In the first press conferences for the event the assistant mayors for Houston were nowhere to be found knowing the police department of Houston is part of the city of Houston local government governance, showing the lack of delegation of authority to his assistance by mayor Turner while he may be away in Scotland communicating with his appointed chief.
While Houston chronicle blames Hildago and her people, she keeps saying she is looking for the truth while governor Abbot immediately ceased on the opportunity to appoint the head of the Houston fire union, who is on Turner,s case because of proposition B monies.
The corona,s office is no mean political office because Hildago can dismiss the boss that the county government appoints and may have just helped with the release of causes of death after burials.
Turner may have appointed Troy Finner but it will take the police union and maybe the next mayor like senator Whitmire to retain him as police chief, so contradicting Turner of not letting all options on the table as promised may sound like insubordination to the unsuspecting and inexperienced but cementing his authority over FBI and having the backs of his police officers.
Since banned substances contributed to deaths, it will not be out of place to say 1 out of 10 or 10 percent may have been been on drugs that altered their mental faculties causing a rush to kill in the stampede.
If you think Houston and Harris local governments and their forensic science labs will work against themselves you lie.
If you did not do independent post mortem work on one of your deaths, then you may end up in crime stoppers raising money for former police officers.
It took a Nigerian physician, DR OMALU, a forensic pathologist to expose the NFL for the deaths of American footballers as shown in the USA movie Concussion, though the same expert had to resign in California because of interference in his corona work by local government and state officials.
The mayoral and county judge elections coming up do not make room for errors from appointed police officers and county forensic science laboratories.
Astro World festival deaths and injured may be out for others while those they condemn are working to keep their people taxpayers' offices going forward.
In every mayoral election in Houston, contestants say city hall is totally corrupt. they said so about bill white and anise parker city halls.
Running away from destructive Houston channel destructive press interviews, the outgoing and incoming rice university presidents ran away from their programmed interviews.
It is not Turner but his vice or Martin who forced the city financial controller to have one financial report with the head of finance, the former should be controlling the operations of large departments if finance with an independent controller report.
Turner feared lawyer Buzbee and ran away from a one on one mayoral debate as he told Dr. Ntuba Thompson" no" when asked.
Turner has set up African Americans with his lame-duck appointments since whites are saying should they win, they will flush them out. Why were they not appointed in Turner,s first term?, so sad are the happenings in our city, county, state, and USA.
People being used like fools is sad indeed.
So sad that Travis Scott is accusing Troy Finner of lying that he raised issues about numbers at the Astro world deaths counter-accusations. I see why channel 2 always uses African Americans to write and talk about so-called scandals about their own in Houston, TEXAS, and the USA.
Let us open our understanding to the actions and words of the innocents in Houston whose authority was taken away.
As Dr. Ntuba Akwo is prepared to run for the post of governor of Texas in the future, i learn from the communiation work of British prime minister Boris Johnson .
Dr. Ntuba a
Akwo Thompson international political, physician, and communicator. Certified professional and expert global USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .