Dec. 18, 2021


The covid 19 epidemic has mightly exposed the gross ignorance and wickedness of antivaccination killers in the USA motivated by the money and the satanic power and positions they get from their masters.
How could these Americans be so ignorant of the history of vaccinations and public health laws? . The international yellow vaccination cards were not for them over there but all travelers and it is mandated.
The compulsory school vaccinations for children against transmission of certain diseases are mandates which the ignorant anti-vaccination murderers fail to accept.
The appellate courts have restored the Biden White house vaccines mandates for companies with a minimum of 100 workers or frequent tests, OVERULLING overly republican appointed judges who stopped the mandates. These judges are as bad and ignorant as their constituents who mostly follow the orders of their best doctor Trump who never went to medical school anywhere in the world.
They are shamelessly sending threats to professor doctor Peter Hotez of Houston who is working to save these Cruz republicans for the most part.
It will be really sad that the stolen seats of republican Trump-appointed judges with Clarence Thomas who hardly thinks out of the republican brainwashing box will overturn the rulings of the lower court.
When did judges become medical experts and physicians to be making medical decisions for others is what beats the imagination of right thinking people in the USA.
These same people say freedom of medical decisions but stupidly forget about reproductive rights as medical decisions.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician, and communicator. certified professional and expert in global health. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.