Dec. 19, 2021

Race and Prison going politics of the USA .

You now hear statements like I am doing this and that Like them because of those coming after me who looks like me in Houston Texas .
My friend we worked together against injustices motivated by race at the congressional black caucus Shakar Fattah is in prison .
When African American pastors joined others to fight Anise Parker because of her sexual orientation 'they were accused for playing tribal politics in Houston using the church.
The former African American Baltimore mayor is now in prison after her work in Maryland senate because she allowed minions around her to crimes and other things with her. thinking she and them will hide behind the office of mayor .
All races in America are racist and we should stop pointing fingers at others always whole we use the money of same people we condemn to do the fish things we pride ourselves over .
If we get all the positions from whites and put Asian Americans in them. then Asian American mayor cannot go talking about whites discriminating against him and them 'when he does the same things whites do .
The problem of America is ownership. Vanessa Ngulen was killed by a minority black not white or Asian .
Blacks who kill Chines people in New York saying they donot belong here in America are as ignorant as a dead leaf .
Latino Americans are the first to fight against those of them coming over the borders not governor Abbott.
. African Americans in the republican party have been speaking out about the machinations of so called democratic African Americans politicians who use African American politics and issues to promote themselves while keeping those people perpetually poor.
....America of today is still run by White money 'reasons why we make white people our campaign managers and go behind insulting them .
Whites like other races are looking after their own and charity begins at home .
.I have been to close to 50 states in America for work and have heard from all the different races' and people groups.
How many times did any of the races go fighting for American Indians if not for themselves.
What annoys me is the hypocrisy and manipulations from certain people especially little politicians who donot know their right from their left .
. In 2019 mayoral politics ' African Americans were those who came to city hall insulting one of theirs Turner ' making some of us to shed tears .
Donot get fooled you all ' for racism in America is practiced by all races and many so called African American politicians are in jail today because they allowed their race people destroy them .
If I must accuse you firvracism ' I should never be caught in racist acts and talk period .
. To be laughing always over serious things 'make people to psychoanalyze the laughter lots of hiden meanings .
Success is setting your goals and realizing them not trying to be like other people .
..Whites in Houston should stop saying they will dismiss the Turner appointed. African American city public servants when a white person becomes mayor .
When did we blacks speak out for Latinos fighting for them to be mayor ?.
I challenge Blacks and whites in Houston to give Latinos a chance to be mayor of Houston too and stop wanting it all to satisfy our greed .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.