Dec. 19, 2021

North East Houston has no hospital deserts: Harris county commissioners should stop lying .

Just to continue telling you that people who never went to medical school any where in the world should stop lying and giving Houston a bad name through Harris county commissioners court .
To say a district or city region is a hospital district is to insult the entire government of the USA and independent latino physicians who have clinics in the North East side of Houston .
The uneducated in medicine and surgery always go close to physicians ' hear a few thos and that and start saying them out loud like parrirs.
Those Hartis county commissioners talking about hospital desserts in North East Houston are fooling Latinos and using words whose meanings they donot know.
Harris health has a clinic or health center in all the regions of Houston 'so talking hospital desserts in North East Houston is really presumptuous and foolish .
.Every so called politician is trying to fool the masses in America who love fun instead of working hard to know things fir themselves .
Infordemics in medical profession today is driven by American illiterate politicans who come out talking medicine and surgery they know nothing about .
The should be more medical and health facilities in all districts and regions not because one and or some are hospital desserts.
Methodist may not expend to poor communities does not make those communities hospital desserts.
Cultural competencies are needed in the delivery of health and medical services and we must not always blame others .
...How many black and Latino Doctors want to leave better pay at Methodist TMC and go work in your desserts ?.
The district and regional sub health systems need to be strengthened in Houston and Harris county and must address all components of the health system not only Infrastructure.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.