Dec. 19, 2021

How the RittenHouse killer crying will help another killer.

Americans may be insulted by superpower China for gross human rights violations all China cares but America will not boycott the China-hosted winter Olympics because American athletes need the money and are careless with this crying propaganda.
Americans knew that Ritten House and his mom went to court ' faked crying and got away with the murder of white Americans who came out to join black Americans protesting the killings of blacks in America without a second thought.
Potter seems like in control of the trial in which she killed a black young man.
The white prosecutor lady did a great disservice to her crying with the smart tricky questions, which are hard to answer by Porter.
I would have preferred a Porter who came to court tough fighting the prosecutors to remain tough as she did at the scene where she killed instead of the crying potter.
Why do people who love sending others to jail and or killing them fear jail and or death so badly, that they will come crying, begging tears to go free?.
I understand the circumstances and know Potter is tougher than these crying acts and scenes.
I would have taken her more seriously if she came out strong, telling her side of the story, not behaving like RittenHouse, and his crying in court mother.
Potter has spoken to her distractors and that one white juror who might acquit her through the power of manipulating jurors with crying in court.
Like RittenHouse, these crying scenes in court work.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA
Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.