Dec. 19, 2021

American economy pumping money inflation : Biuild better more trillions may make inflation Worst

Americans blame China and other nations for Covid19 but love the free Covid19 Trump and Biden checks that have greatly contributed to recent USA inflation.
You don't need to be a top economics student in school like Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson to know something about inflation up that killed the German economy at some stages in History .
Nations continue to compete with others on their currency importance and China and the Europen Euro are fast making the dollar a not too useful international currency because of recent USA inflation caused by excessive stimulus or pumping money you do not have into your economy.
The infrastructures bill was more than a trillion dollars and fools are talking about more trillions for build-back better money they do not have.
America has too many debts in too many trillions to be joking around with the effects of inflation on the value of the dollar . If the dollar losses it's value internationally, America will be devalued .
Those who sold goods and services raised prices each time people are given free money like the stimulus money and do not reduce their prices later .
A market economy does not change the value of it's currency like China does to sell many goods in the internal market it has advantage over the USA because of production dynamics and price .
Covid19 has created havoc to the world economy but that must not allow nations to behave foolishly.
Climate change did not start in one day and must not be solved in one as politicians lie to themselves.
Retailers are hoarding goods and jacking up prices and in a nation of laws and freedoms like the USA, you cannot suddenly bring in price control commands or force OPEC to pump out more oil and gas to reduce the prices at the pump .
With other super powers in the world stage, Americans must control consumerism and begin to manage it,s resources well, for big may lead to wastage not quality most times .
A lot of the so-called progressive demands in congress will lead to socialist bad policies that cripple certain nations.
Democrats do better each time they listen to republicans and work together like Clinton did and balanced the budgets.
All those wars overseas that people promote for American lives and money to be wasted are of no use.
America should learn from the Iraq war's failures as Obama and Trump said.
Democrats should accept the 1.5 trillion build back better suggestion from Joe Manchin and move on . That is still too much money that you do not have while you keep borrowing money to pay for your budget which is not wise.
Biden has done Covid19 stimulus, then infrastructures, all of which must add to the inflation because retailers and producers see the money in the hands of the people and they Jack up prices, besides other things they pass on to consumers.
Christmas is not a sober Christian holiday any longer but commercialized toys for adults thing today.
Market research must show you the consumption patterns and buying habits of people and people groups .
Inflation will sink the democrats in midterms 2022 and pumping more money into circulation will only create more inflation .
Cut the build back better amount and do the other projects piece meal.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.