Dec. 21, 2021

The politics of Health care in the USA is really shameful.

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson ' guest Speaker at Pancreatic cancer event in Houston .

As a global health expert in the USA, I worked with minority leaders in their different congressional caucuses to have the affordable health care act and also campaigns in Washington DC against Donald Trump who wanted minorities and poor whites to die, by his satanic plans to repeal or destroy affordable health care act.
We prayed in the NAACP leadership convention that year , asking the God of real believers in America not the fakes like Donald Trump calling the name of God in vane to look down on the minorities and poor whites and stop Donal Trump and if possible disgrace him.

Apparently, the prayers of True believers in America are heard by God who did a miracle using late senator John McCain to stop Donald Trump and his satanic plans and intentions.
. Trump praised the Chinese president Xi Jinping when Covid19 happened and went about lying, telling his inner cycle not to tell the American people the truth, that they will panic .
When did American people become weaklings and fearful to panic over a tiny useless Sars Cov2 virus ?.
When Americans found the truth, Trump changed the subject '
and ran to the World health organization, insulting the first African director-general Dr Tedros, calling him a stooge of China . Yeah, we could see through that satanic machinations and came together again praying that God will disgrace Trump over Dr. Tedros and WHO and that Trump will be gone while Tedros is still director general helping countries depending on the WHO and a new president will restore the USA back to the World body though asking for accountability and integrity in the running of the WHO.
.Trump badly handled the USA pandemic preparedness and responses and his minister of health Alex Azar without training in medicine and surgery any where in the world had the audacity to insult the WHO without accountability of the mess they created through lies in the USA .
Trump was propping dictators like Kim of North Korea while fooling unsuspecting around the wield.
Fake Zionist Natanyawu was provoking Islamists so they will strike Israelis targets 'then he will use Trump the politician with no experienced he manipulated to stay in office and we said Netanyahu was no man of God and will be voted out and he went .
Millions of Americans are suffering in silence because of people like Trump .
Who will have brains in their heads and follow Trump ?. What is wrong with America ?.
America needs a unit to help it face its challenges. The demographics are not supporting these whites only politics Trump preaches .
The people of America are suffering and lying politicians in all the parties should stop fooling innocent Americans .
Democrats are not saints too. Many democratic local leaders wanted Trump to fail with Covid19 response so they take offices and contributed to most of the problems today.
Midterms are around and those people are going around carrying Christmas boxes of close to expired food donated to fool the people 'so they remain in congressional offices for life . You are so good in politics then move up 'become senators or governors not being congressional reps for life . Those are taxpayers positions MIT yours.
Time for true worshippers and believers in America to go to God in tears to expose the deceivers.
The new talk is about food deserts in districts where people eat themselves into Obesity.
It was like the food program of Michelle Obama. Children will.nit eat vegetables by fierce and don't force it. What is food desserts in America if i.musy ask ?.
Lack of cultural know andcsensitivity drives these foush talk of food desserts. . Some prefer chicken and burger as food. Bringing vegetables there is waste of time . We have studied some of these issues as global health community problems.
Stop talking food desserts for useless political points. The are important issues that requires brains not noise makers .
Are we ready to face the issues and have a discussion of them ?.
Ho throw trucks of vegetable in certain communities and see who will eat them .
Cultural issues drive the issues and must addressed through that way .
.We all humans have weaknesses including my self . Biden is not God and Trump is not satan .
. We should be careful with our political rhetoric and stop manipulating ' for not all people are stupid as you think .
.. Stop politicking health care. Stop politicizing Covid19 response and vaccinations.
.America has many problems internally and should stop hide them.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.