Dec. 21, 2021

Donald Trump was ridiculed in Texas by his republican supporters for getting Covid19 boosters .

Donald Trump is beginning to face reality about politics that he has little experience or mastery of before becoming president of the USA with ridicule from the same people he had emboldened not to follow USA Covid19 response strategies as president .
If you told your people and supporters that they do not need masks and should be free to do as they please, you lose the right to be an adviser to them or an example going forward.
Trump was shouted at by the audience when he said he got boosted.
The majority of Republicans who are bent on not taking the Covid19 shots 'do so to prove a point which is that democrats cannot tell them what to do not even a democratic presidential appointee at the CDC.
Governors, county judges, and municipal leaders or mayors have been in front of Covid19 crisis communication as experts though they are not, creating unintended consequences.
Republicans do not trust democratic mayors and or county judges and governors so do democrats.
Health department leaders, if trained in medicine and global health and or public health part of global health would do a better job communicating to the people and should be encouraged to come forward.
I am aware that some health departments make political leadership appointments and appoint people without training in medicine or public health to head their health departments. A degree in public administration is not one in public health or medical degree and creates problems when the head of the health department is supposed to address their communities and or municipalities on the issues.
Republicans know these issues and speak out about them.
Donald Trump as a private citizen has no medical or global public health training and is not an expert and finds it difficult to convince republicans to follow Biden on boosters.
Biden is sending the experts in medicine and global public health out to the communities. Those experts are not seen as politicians and should not be undermined by politicians seeking notice hanging around them.
Let those health experts speak and interact with the people while politicians take a step back and contribute from behind.
Americans are suspicious of politicians and are refusing to cooperate.
.Republicans have personal physicians and health care workers they trust. Let those health workers be the spokespersons now.
Stop those political press conferences in the name of Covid19 , they put your opponents off.
Send your health experts out and let them do the testing, vaccinations, and talking.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.