Jan. 3, 2022


The head of state of Cameroon who has been in government for close to 65 years, 40 as the president addressed those who listen to him in Afri-Cameroon on the 31st of December 2021 speaking about a decentralization where he appoints the governors of the decentralized-centralized regions and the uprising in the southwest and Northwest regions where parallel governments and presidents of those two nations as they call themselves in the diaspora within the united kingdom of Cameroun lock down the states completely on certain days with the watchful eyes of a president who never goes out of the rooms he hides in Yaounde to any place in the national territory he calls his country .
In a civilized country, what happens in Cameroon is enough for the parliament or congress to pass a vote of nonconfidence calling on the president to resign.
A president who has been in government for 40 years as the president and continues to address a so called bilingual country all in French for 40 years, either has a problem learning anything as simple as languages or is just insensitive to the make of the lands and people he claims he is part of.
While democratic states have a strategic direction, in Cameroon, Mr head of state decides when and who gets a university, as he just announced the creation of three new universities in the Francophone regions that will produce people who will end up learning from him not to serve the government for a while and retire like others but become life parasites of government until they die, killing those who oppose them in the process.
The is Boko haram terrorism in the northern parts of Cameroon as a result of these injustices and tribalism, where Mr president, he and his tribal regional people must be in government for life.
Mr president says he will fight corruption that is mostly carried out by his tribal people he recycles in and around the government because he uses them for his life in the presidency project.
If a government has been that corrupt for 40 years, why has the chief of the system for 40 years not resigned many are asking.
Corruption in Cameroon is partly driven by tribalism and marginalization that is practiced by Cameroonians of all the regions.
The so-called main opposition party chairman of the SDF john Fru Ndi , an anglophone from the northwest region has been chairman of the so-called one anglophone party for life , since it was formed, working with his tribal men and women to stay that long, refusing others like their fellow anglophones from the Southwest region to be chairman of their so-called one anglophone party.
While many may find Mr president of Cameroon funny, in his sermons on democracy where one man can be in government for 65years, 40 as president, appointing all governors with the head of parliament who has been in office for up to 30 years and still wants to continue after 2025 with new calls to run from his tribal Bulu-Beti-Ewondos, Mr president sees himself as the owner of the nation and people he calls" MY COUNTRY".
Creating universities for people who cannot live out of government like Mr president and make a life of their own as private citizens may just be what these new Francophone universities he is creating in the francophone regions will end to be like after all, he is the example for his people, the compatriots.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician, and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.