Jan. 6, 2022

Americans remember the Storming of the USA Capitol by Trump supporters at 1 year anniversary.

President Joe Biden addressed the United states from the USA Congress building or the Capitol , reminding Americans of how democratic values and ideals were attacked by Trump and his supporters.
President Biden in a very powerful message to former president Donald Trump who he called ' a defeated former president ' accused the latter of refusing to accept defeat that lead to the attacks.
Former Republican vice president Cheney joined his daughter and Democrats for a sacred moment of silence inside the Capitol.
The was also a candle light virgil out side the Capitol building .
Republican senator Lindsey Graham , a former Trump opponent who called Donald Trump a racist and bigot ' but later changed to become a strong Trump stooge and supporter accused the Democrats of politicizing the anniversary though saying those who stormed the Capitol should be prosecuted.
The Britiah had attacked the USA capitol before and burnt down an old building .
Violence at the Capitol led to many injured and some deaths .
Former president Donald Trump was accused for instigating the Capitol storming and impeach by a bipartisan vote at the USA house of representatives ' though a partisan republican minority at the Senate refused the democrats the votes they needed to convict Trump post presidential elections certification .
No matter what was said ' Donald Trump remained the sitting president until after a new president was sworn in and could be impeached and removed from office .
Violence in America politics did not start with Trump though the rhetoric of Trump encourages violence .
Former Republican president Abraham Lincoln was killed while still president .
Former democratic president John F Kennedy was assassinated in Texas .
Trump had already talked about the possibility of a stolen elections before it even started.
The Democrats also accused the republicans of stealing the presidential elections of 2016 from Hilary Clinton and went away from Washington DC during the Trump inauguration.
American politicians and political parties are now so polarized and partisan that 'Americans are losing confidence in their form of democracy with each passing day .
Covid 19 and inflation are blamed on the Biden administration 'though most of the damages were done under the Republican administration headed by Donald Trump .
Inflation can partly be blamed by excess stimulus money pumped into the USA Economy by both former President Trump and Biden .
Russia that Trump invited to help him find the so called lost emails of Hilary Clinton is now taking advantage of the internal squabbles in the USA politics .
With Trump dividing and polarization the republican party by going after any body who opposes him ' thevrepublican party may be in for a shock in midterms 2022' since independents and moderate play a major role in deciding who wins elections at different levels in the USA government.
Trump and the Republican party actually stole a Barack Obama supreme court appointment opportunity ' changing thevrulescasvthe go 'giving them a majority in the USA supreme court 'that has further eroded the trust Americans had in Robert's court.
American democracy has withstood similar challenges in the past and will likely get over these Trump days too.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.