Jan. 7, 2022

Channel 2 black reporter'joins congressional rep accuse latinos of fake Covid19 labs.

The mid term elections will be won and or lost on the basis of Covid19 work and money .
Channel 2 African American female journalist goes all out harassing a female latino health care worker and showing them on television as frauds .
Channel 2 seem to need Covid19 covering training for their so called health reporters .
Channel 2 does very shameful and primitive journalism in Houston and seem to get away with it .
..They are jealous of the health and medical communicators of other Houston Television health reporters as they fraudulently say they alone have a health reporter 'a shameful claim to make espe especially since their so called health reporter has no training in medicine and or surgery 'they should not be taken serious .
Why should a congress woman be so addicted to Cameras that shecalliws her self to be pulled into such a mess.
. Those who sacrifice most in Houston never get the recognition they deserve because some mediocres use fake political offices to destroy others .
If you suspect wrong doing 'you donot go harassing the latino lady as the black so called channel 2 reporter did hiding behind so called black congress woman .
The are respectable congressional leaders in Texas who do their work without all that showmanship.
Those who cry harrassment from the black community should not be the first to insult latino Vovid19 test workers as frauds .
Should making Covid19 preparedness and response work uours .
It is shameful to see a hard working latino lady working on . COVID19 testing harrassed by the so called black female reporter hiding behind a black congressional rep .
Channel 2 needs some. training of their mediocre staff like mayor Sylvester Turner called them out for peddling false hood ' disrespect and harrassment.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.