Jan. 7, 2022

Midterms 2022 campaign have started in Houston , Texas and nationally .

In Houston those seeking to replace Sylvester Turner as mayor are every where and no where making noise while congressional reps who must be congress people for life are fooling the unsuspecting African Americans they use through handouts politics.
Donald Trump is called front runner for the republican party nomination for president in 2025 presidential elections .
Moderate republicans against Trump will be balanced out by angry progressives in the democratic party

.The is nothing new about American politics ,
It is the same methods with a mix of old and new players . The Republican party will never die as long as there are minorities among Latinos , Asians and African Americans who need the white money to be successful in any thing .
White bashing in American politics is high though it will create a backlash.
..Americans hate socialism and will.not vote a socialist Bernie Sanders as president.
It took Obama to warn democrats of what will happen to them if they continue to preach socialist-progressive politics .
Storming the USA capitol will.never stop Americans voting for the republican party .
Trump still has a chance of returning as president of the USA.
Another Trump president for 4 years is nothing . The president of the USA is not as powerful inside America as some will.have you believe.
It is a political year in the USA and speeches like the one president Biden just gave will.be common .