Jan. 17, 2022

Celebrate the King in you and around you.

Martin Luther King was born by a Baptist Minister and activist father and inspired by the non violence liberation activism of Ghandi of the nation of. India and also became a model of other civil rights leaders of yesterday and today .
To say and or think African American fight for civil rights and equity in the USA started with King is to disrespect the contributions of those who came before King like Dubois and the NAACP.
Martin Luther King jn followed the examples before him ,preaching and participating in civil rights activities.
He was one of the leaders of the Southern Christian leadership conference working with a senior friend who mentored him in the person of Ralph Abernathy, treasurer of the same organization.
Martin preached freedoms and equality of all , believing the Creed and ideals of the founders of the American government ,calling out for the respect of those ideals in the lives of all men and women created equal in the image of God irrespective of the color of their skin .
King was jailed many times and while in jail he addressed his people in letters like the one from the Birmingham jail .
King organized and addressed marches like the Washington DC March during which he gave his I have a dream speech .
For his non violence protests,he was awarded the Nobel peace prize.
.King was killed in the Lorain Motel in Memphis Tennessee.
The are many parades across America to honor the life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King jn day .
King never wanted to be celebrated but to serve ,calling his fellow brothers and sisters of America to follow his examples.
Inside you are the ideals and values of King you have repressed because of manipulative and deceptive others and persons by you .
King never went to Harvard University and Harvard graduation is not a criteria to live the ideals and values of King ,because lots of Harvard graduates are not doing as much as you and king to better the lot of mankind.
.King did not need a government political office or elected office to be life government office holder like they do in uncivilized nations to make a difference.
King never held political office of any kind any where but is the most celebrated politician of his time from his race .
King spoke his mind about the issues of the day and was hated by some of his own and those of other races .
Stop and celebrate the King in you. The is injustice and inequity all around you and you are speaking out ,making politicians uncomfortable and like King hated and talked bad about , go on King.
You are marching demanding reforms making politicians uncomfortable ,go on King .
King believed in himself and was never bothered about the faces of his ditractors.
Celebrate the drum majors for peace and justice around you, for in them you smell, touch and hear the King's around you ,so Martin may rest in peace after so much hard work on Earth .
Those who oppose the King in you and those around you are the government officials in King,s day and they are many even in the black communities today ,who think Kings are only Democratic party members .
Those who stop the Kings from participating in public offices they must occupy for life are similar people King spoke against, who were not ready to share power and offices with others .
.So much is done today ,using the names of King to have political and material riches.
Justice calls for term limits in political offices . Equity makes room for all parties not only ours .
King careless about the expression on their faces and went along dying for his ideals and values, which are celebrated today .
Celebrate those values and ideals or King in you and in those around you .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo. International politician physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.