Jan. 17, 2022

Dr Ntuba Akwo condemns constant accusation of CDC USA director s of corruption.

Houston mayoral candidate Bill King accused mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston as the most corrupt Mayer ever at the eve of Covid19 epidemic just like the Trump administration accused the director of the World health organization ,Dr Tedros as Corrupt, bought over by. China while the Democrats in the USA accused the then Trump CDC director of corruption as the republicans are doing today with CDC director Dr Welensky under Democratic Biden.
Any body can get up an d accuse a sitting leader as Corrupt without evidence or proof.
Failures to contain Covid19 has been used against both Republican and Democratic leaders at all levels of government .
Those critical of others for political reasons should know that ,they are showing seeds of mistrust in a system that depends on truthful information as one of the pillars of a strong national health system to function properly.
America was in the forefront of accusing FIFA as very corrupt like the USA does other nations and institutions.
Eroding confidence in the leadership in ace be they mayors or CDC directors make it very difficult to have the confidence of certain groups and sectments of the populations on government actions .
The mayors or CDC directors cannot know every minute details of the work of their subordinates but must take responsibility for them when corruption or fraud happens .
It is time that all party leaders come together to address Covid19 head-on instead of constant bikering and counter accusations of each other for political gains .
Let the inspector generals of departments be empowered to do their work and stop the constant accusation of people working to contain Covid19 at all levels even if they are small laboratory workers . Constant accusation of corruption is undermining confidence in the system and the leadership in place ,affecting output and outcomes .
Covid19 has expose weakneses in the pillars of the health systems of all Nations including the USA.
....in the USA, inequities related to health finance and health insurance are now very clear . Mobilization f health care front line workers to understaffed regions of the country calls for rethinking of reforms in human capital capacity building in the health sector .
Inadequate health infrastructures in certain districts or counties require rethink.
.Destructive accusations and condemnation by Democrats of republicans for leaving minority communities behind is not the solution .
...The time to review is known and in-between,the best approach should be cooperation for the sake of the people and nations .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo International politician physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.