Jan. 20, 2022

USA Senate votes against democratic voting bills, destroying hopes of marching minorities.

During Martin Luther King Jn day, African American Congressional representatives at the USA Congress reawakened the push to pass voting bills passed in the House of representative with a Senate vote and the Senate outcome is disappointing says president Biden and Senate majority leader Schumer.
The Democrats had called for a Senate vote to change the filibuster rules ,so they could pass the bills through Senate with a simple majority of 51 votes but failed in. 52-48 votes outcome ,two Democrats including senator Joe Manchin joining the United opposition of republicans to kill the effort.
Without change in filibuster rules, the John Lewis voting rights bill and the other needed 60 votes to become law in the Senate and the Democrats could not get the 10 Republican votes needed to pass the voting bills into law.
President Biden and majority Senate leader Chuck Shummer both called the outcome disappointing but promised to keep fighting against a so called defeat of democracy.
Watchers of USA states craft may think some thing is wrong with the system because they lack knowledge of the science behind USA politics .
Democracy is one of the most difficult governments to run and could be slow . The founding fathers invested rights and powers in all the three arms of government, making it impossible for dictators to have their way as was seen in January 6the 2021 when the Congress defeated the big lie of Donald Trump and his Capitol storming mob followers .
Republican members of Congress have come together to kill the policy wishes of their own party president like they did George Bush immigration change bills and Donald Trump infrastructure request.
Senators are suppose to be independent in their votes as they work for the whole of America not one party .
The are also the blue and red states politics which are not affected by any change of voting laws , making it impossible to blame one party for the way the system operates .
Change the rules any way and manner you want , Houston always has a democratic mayor like other cities so too certain Republican States and cities .
American state craft is simple and complex at the same time . Those who want to always go through the simple side of USA politics get disappointed often when they meet the realities of it,s complexity .
The voters bills were made to be black issues , making it to pass with only three blacks in the USA Senate .
Making it a Martin Luther King Jn day issue did not help because few whites and Latino March with blacks on King day parades.
I asked and continued to ask why many whites and Latinos do not join the King day marches and do not have the answers.
Voter suppression is not only against blacks but has been made a black issue by those who benefit from that paradyn.
Those who have killed both bills in the Democratic party are whites .
While King is praised by many , King holiday is like Sunday with black churches, Latino churches , Asian churches and White churches.
Stop making the voters rights issues a black issue or minority issue but an American issue.
Dr , Ntuba Thompson Akwo. International politician, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.