Jan. 25, 2022

Global political leader Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson calls on Russia and Ukraine to dialogue .

Those who went breaking the USSR while holding the Southern states of the USA back together by blood and civil war should not be surprised with USSR-RUSSIA wanting to fight their own civil war to have their own USA together.
The problem between Russia and Ukraine is not the USA versus Russia problem.
Like the USA says the former governor of Texas should stop talking break away from the Union , Russia is saying stay away from. USSR affairs.
Those weapons of mass destruction sent into Ukraine will end in the hands of USSR Russians who are Ukrainians.
France says the negotiator should not be the USA, the European Union .
Germany knows what East Germans may do in the Union should a USA-headed war break out in the East.
Pope Francis talking prayers is waste of time and his breath.
Ukraine has Russians inside as citizens and they will never let Western Europe and the USA take over

At the United Nations China will back Russia over that useless G7 and G20.
Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo is calling on the government of Ukraine to dialogue with their brothers and sisters inside USSR-RUSSIA and stop relying on foreigners.
It is a global Global control interest and Putin is not a loser and will not lose.
The UN security council is of no use because Russia and China have veto powers.
This is not an American conflict and leave America out of it.
Russia should stop blaming the USA because Russia interferes in the Americas through South American states .
It is time people get to know that China will not give up Tiawan like USSR-RUSSIA is holding on their eastern dominions .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo is an International political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.