Feb. 16, 2022

Monetizing and politicizing policing creates more problems than solutions says Dr Akwo Ntuba

Discussing policing problems in Washington DC with federal and local authorities. and experiences on the field in Texas ' I have concluded that criminality benefits politicians and police officers .
After the killing of George Floyd ' we made all types of commissions with our friends to study the problems and gave so called solutions which chief Art Acevedo in Miami said local politicians and their partners inside the police department refused implementing 'leading to hos firing ' leading to his sueing the local government and executive leadership for influence peddling and corruption.
.When you talk demographics. those who stand to protect tax payers offices for themselves cry foul and disrespect

Criminologists and deviant psychologists study demographics of criminality and use the data to help with policies and programming .
Bail reforms is an aspect but not the main concern or issue today .
Most of those rich Americans who trade billions in drugs and guns are not on the streets but in those posh estates where politicians go to beg monies for their campaigns .
..Each time I sit on meetings with politicians ' I wish o could just talk my mind but America is a very complex and tricky nation .
.Casinos and big hotels and related drugs and other things are not the work of petty criminals we recycle on and out of the USA prison systems but the rich dealing in guns and drugs .
...Police officers and the victims and criminals are all little people in the net of the rich and politically strong .
Judges and prosecutors and sheriffs are elected. And people love those little offices and will do and every thing to keep them .
......When a mayor cannot boldly say to the county judge and county commissioners to turn on the road video Cameras but advocating. something is wrong some where.
Those who are always returned as representatives are not very good you.like it or not .
If you are so good. then advance politically ' contest fir senate or governor.
Using families or victims of crimes for political gain is known by political scientists.
The people love their drugs and guns traded by the friends and sponsors of little politicians.
...An African American candidate for Mayor Boykins ran his mayoral campaign promising to fire former police chief Art Acevedo ' who knew the politics of policing .
Former police chief and mayor P Brown is never talked about in Houston by those presently in place though he has great experiences and brought the relational and community policing to the notice of all.
Those who profit from the crime industry will never let go their businesses.
..To say streets have rules as Troy Finner says is a sign that he needs to do more studies about American streets and those who live and or operates in them .
The would be no injurious violent crimes if American streets and street life had rules .
People get away with alot in American cities because it is comex ' monetized and politicized .
.....The demographics are not helping those in offices wishing they could be there for life and in control of lives .
.....The new political aspirants for post of mayor are singing the same old Houston songs while LULAC is saying the recent USA census requires redistricting and doing away with at large council member positions .
.Those at large council members who want to continue after 2023 see you LULAC as a threat to be destroyed .
The cultural elements of crimes and deviant behaviors are known though politicians fear to talk about them because crime money in big pockets and high places will vote them out .
Homicides happen in local communities and it is time we stop hiding behind the defense of ' it is happening nationally too.
.. We keep throwing tax payers money at a problem without improved outcomes .
Palliative treatment does not look at the root causes of sicknesses or syndromes. leading to polypharmacy and resistance.
Resistance is bases on politicking and monetization of criminality and the criminal justice system by the rich and famous.
...All those little people in the streets peddling little banned substances here and there are shooting people or committing crimes to get drugs and or guns are the symptoms of a major problem whose major cause are the friends if so called politicians who trade in billions in drugs ' guns ' gambling and all the other businesses that create the problems.
The are no rules in American streets because psychoactive substances alter the brain chemistry of those who shoot without thinking ' because they are paranoid in the most part .
Injury and violence is a global community health problem and the drugs and guns violence contribute to much public safety and public health concerns .
Global health communicators and promoters involved in health and development work must bring their expertise to the public arena and should not fear the faces of manipulators that help drive the problems and benefit from crimes and victims .
Complex problems addressed by the least qualified persons will.never have sustained solutions .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.