Feb. 17, 2022

Federal bureau of investigation raids Houston health department 'openly disgracing local government

The open public raiding of the Houston health department and court ordered warrant to search by the FBi leading to publicly. taking away multiple boxes of documents or evidences is a sad public shaming of local government and by extension the state of Texas .
.The raid was too publicly done ' undermining the authority and integrity of those who run tax payers money offices in Houston and Texas.
..How do you expect the people of Houston to trust the local government leaders and their Covid19 directives and guidiance when we openly raid search and publicly display the work ?.
.When a raid happens we look for scapegoats and hang on them as if the heads of those departments were perpetually on break while things were happening.
The fireworks and contentious debates between Mr Stephen of HHD and Mr Martin. of Houston city council over the Lopez Negrete health department contracts was a pointer of other things coming .
Midterms 2022 elections and the Houston mayoral candidates will expose alot of things happening to undermine Sylvester Turner ' so he dies not becoming a king maker in the choosing of the next mayor .
The raid also puts to question the usefulness of Houston police department and Harris county Sheriff offices .
....Why did it take the FBI to do those raids in your cities and counties? since we always say we have what it takes to do the job ?.
I was surprised that we let go the Recovery czar when Covid19 was not over and we now see the effects of refusing others watching over the people,s resources and programs .
. The FBI does not come raiding without preliminary work and evidences .
It is not strange that this is happening today 'with too much Covid19 money to benefit certain people .
Those without political experience will find these happening strange because they lack understanding of human nature and the inner workings of local governments.
.The public display of the raid by the FBI and reporting same to the public by the mayor undercuts his own administration and put to shame his appointed departmental heads .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.