Feb. 17, 2022

Mayor Sylvester Turner should watch those he appointed to positions in his last months in Office.

No leader can plesevevery body and al leaders must make mistakes because they have to balance the needs of their supporters and what oversight.
Many ask why does the Houston health department needs to contract it's jobs to outdo deer parties and what is the use of vendors at the department ?.
.The mayor has been accused of corruption by a white housing director he appointed and fired after the housing scandals .
The are councilors whosev2nd terms are also coming to an end and owe the mayor no favors and ready to expose deals which are doubtful or suspicious .
The mayor of Santa Fe has just resigned and many black mayors are I prisonlike Baltimore Catherine' Pugh ' New Oleans Nagin ' Chaka Fattah and others .
...The investigations and leaking will continue by insiders who donot have what they expected or those who want to make sure another democrat supported by Turnr does not become th next mayor of Houston after Trner .
Politics in Houston and Texas is tricky and African Americans including pastors were those up flooded city hall chambers during the 2019 mayoral elections to insult Mayor Sylvester Turner.
Some councilors want projects predominantly sent to their districts so they look good and or use them for campaigns.
Mayor Sylvester Turner is a smiling leader and very accommodating though many people and associate by him think themselves very very important and own Houston ' doing manyfoolish things in the process.
.Sylvester Trner has worked very very hard for Houston and Texas and does not deserve to go to prison like former mayors in prison .
.Pride and prejudice is Al's a problem of Afrcan Americans not the white race alone .
It is not strange that on the ev of the primaries of 2022 midterm elections ' the FBI is raiding places in Houston
. . Wen others were hiding from Covid19 since March 2020' wevwere out in many districts and communities working wit Sylvester Turner and Stepehen of Houton Health department .
I have never stopped to advice when ever I could but continue to bvb elief that the associates of Mayor Sylvester Turner may end up destroying his legacy .
Turner should watch and guard those praise singers around him 'for they all have their own motives .
Amidst the insults at Turner in 2019 campaign ' Turner sad he was watching his sides and back
Mayor Turner should do more in checking his associates so they donot destroy him .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.