Feb. 17, 2022

Houston health department has done great with Covid19 response and should be commended.

Working with the city of Houston government and the health department as a country support person following the World health organization certification has been a tremendous service to mankind .
We had weekly meetings with the Geneva world health organization leadership and the work here in Houston .
I wanted the best and always challenged the Houston local government leadership in the field .
Risk communication and community engagements were my focus and i.must confess as a certified professional and expert in Global health USA 'that the director of the Houston Health department. Mr Stephen and the mayor of Houston. Honorable Syvestet Turner did a better job compared to the other cities that make up the 4 biggest cities on the Usza including Houston

. Director Stephen is outwardly a very soft spoken man of few words who is a master strategist preferred to work behind the scenes.
The 8 pillars of the response were all well addressed by Houston local government leadership working with the partners and engaged communities including Asians .
.My travel to close to 40 states during the pandemic armed me with best practices ' some of which I shared with the local government leadership in this city

Dr Shsw of the Harris county county. Public health as director was fond of director Stephen and they deem to have cooperated world .
. Mayor Turner and director Stephen have a great associate in Honorable Shieller Jackson Lee ' a great example of the roles that parliamentary leadership played during Cov Covid19 pandemic response .
The Houston health department ran many testing sites and the mega sites and did same with vaccinations when the shorts were available.
.. Houston had a great strategic plan that factored on surge responses .
Mayor Turner responded to our request to address inequity that was driving hospitalization and deaths among minority populations with high numbers of preexisting conditions.
. The chief emergency officer for the city Dr Persse was at hand to explain the medical as l and case management issues and concerns in the meetings
Community health education fellows were trained and sent to disadvantaged communities .
Rice university did evaluation studies and concluded that Houston leadership was saving many thousands of lives with their strategic Covid19 middion.
.A Covid Covid19 Czar was appointed in the person of Mr Udom and contributed in the work .
Thos work was happening while Houston was dealing with the national reactions to the death of a Houston resident living in Minnesota called George Floyd .
No one glass was broken in any Housyon building nor any injuries from violence as happened in other cities

Turner and his team managed Covid19 well and also the city and human impacts of Harvey disaster wrll.
Mistakes at the level of the Houston health department which the FBI is looking st does not disqualify Mayor Turner and Director Steven.
Houston remains in the hands of good lezfetshop until a replacement happens in 2023 mayoral elections

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator..Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.