Feb. 23, 2022

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo International political leader physician and communicator on Health system

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo. former national chairman of health SWELA Cameroon is calling and asking the USA and other nations to modernize their community hospital infrastructures, improve on their health financed by allocation s to disadvantaged. Americans and communities .
The. International physician and medical and health. Leader says more cultural sentivity should be factored in. Formation of health care human resources and to improve quality of care delivery. By promotion of global community health approach in delivery care .
While. Hospital dessert are not a problem with rich cities and counties Hennip and Baltimore county , Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo. Continues his executive experience in health. System management. I'm the previous countries he has worked to advice USA and the World health organization during the meetings with Geneva and PAHO. Colleagues.