Mar. 9, 2022

Houston firefighters supported Boykins praised in city hall .

Dwight Boykins an African American former councilor supported by Houston fire fighters with their proposition B fight like hell advocacy was recently praised at Houston council chambers by his associate Boykins in the absence of. council Man Martin's and Pollard.
Boykins though an African American 'was used by the firefighters and became a torn in the flesh of another African American in the person of Sylvester Turner.
Boykins sent Turner to the ethics committee during the 2019 Houston mayoral campaign and vowed to forever dismiss Turner appointed chief of police Art Arcevedo who he claims was performing poor but protected by Turner .
Turner as mayor is never invited or seen in the firefighters events though the mayor because the president of the firefighters union is very powerful claiming to fight for blacks and minority firefighters too.
Kibbush decided to praise Boykins as one who fought for the people ' a move which political watchers belief is mayoral post campaigning.
Sylvester Turner failed twice in his close to 20 years preparation to be mayor of Houston. winning in the third attempt .
Boykins already have fire fighters support and name recognition in Houston politics and Kubush support will give him Kibush district votes .
..The firefighters association may just get all their demands met should they continue to stand behind Dwight Boykins for mayor of Houston.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.