Mar. 9, 2022

Global invasions : Fear and politics Trump acceptance of polish planes by USA and allies

All invasions including Iraq goes with miscalculations that lead to great fight back and the creation of insurgents and dangerous groups that would use the pretext of unauthorized invasions at the UN to destroy global citizens and the world .
Ukraine invasion by Russia will come with unexpected consequences and fight back and the European Union members are cautious of that .
Ukraine president seem to attack the USA in a subtle way each time Washington seem to put the security and protection of Americans ahead of decisions made .
Poland may be trying to trap the United states if not why not fly the fighter jets offered yourselves into Ukraine or better still call Ukrainian fighters to come get them in Poland and fly them into their country .
The USA has outrightly rejected the request by Poland to use a USA base in Germany to fly the fighter jet gifts into Ukraine as that will imply America is directly involved in the invasion .
Is America not directly involved 'many are asking . All the sanctions and other weapons given to Ukraine is direct involvement 'since American weapons are used to kill Russians too.
Zelensky says it is not time for delays and expect a no fly zone declaration and provision of the lethal weapons.
No matter what assistance the USA and allies provide the Ukrainians 'it will mean nothing historically if Rusdia accomplished it goals in Ukraine and NATO and the USA could not stop them .
The Russians are masters in the calculations of these things and knows what ties the hands of NATO and the USA.
Europe is afraid of Russia cutting off gas to the West of Europe .
.Europe and the USA are afraid of an all out nuclear war and are doing all in their power to contain the war in the eastern part of Europe .
Unlike Germany's Hitler and France's Napoleon Bonaparte ' Russia seem to be interested in it's Eastern Europe not all of Europe .
Britain also contributed in weaking the European Union by staging a walk out which was supported by USA President Trump for the USA.
Russia and Putin watched the bickering in the European Union and Trump trying to use Zelensky for his looking for dirt against Biden and concluded that ' Zelensky and Ukraine were not really taken serious .
Biden's slip of little incursion was an appeasement bait that was ridiculed and now the national incursion is difficult to stop .
..Absent of no fly zone and direct involvement by NATO alliance and Western Europe. Zelensky may be over thrown like Saddam Husein and Gaddafi and Rusdia deciding the future of Ukrain .
Global invasions only acts as examples for others to copy history shows the world and others will copy what happened in Iraq and Ukraine going forward.
These precedents should never have happened in the first place .
.Global invasions are condemned ' and NATO could help Ukraine if they wre not afraid and really serious to do so .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.