Mar. 12, 2022

USA president Joe Biden undermines Kamala Harris polish trip .

Former senator Joe Biden who voted as a USA parliamentary person for the invasion , destruction ,and removal from office of a UN sovereign country head of state Saddam Hussein has spoken ,saying Poland can start a war or declare war against Russia if they want not he of the USA .
Biden has made it clear that the USA will not get involved in the war in Ukraine fighting directly against Russia though the USA is fighting in Ukraine with the arms and weapons it supplies .
Biden,s message undermines what ever photo op diplomacy Kamala Harris was sent to do in Poland following Polish request that the USA use it's Germany based airspace to deliver fighter jets given by Poland to Ukraine into the war aerospace.
While America invaded Iraq because it thought Iraq had nuclear weapons, it has refused to invade Russia because Russia has nuclear weapons and president Putin has threatened to use it .
Russia invasion many experts say is not going as planned similar to the USA invasion of Iraq which went so badly out of plans that it took so long and too many Americans dying from insurgents bombing and the creation of more terrorist groups .
.Republicans are surprised that Biden voted for the republican invasion of another sovereign state but cannot vote or declare war against Russia in Ukraine.
.Democrats used criticism of Iraq war gone wrong to reclaim government in the USA and republicans seem to be doing the same with the criticism of the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan and standing up to Russia .
Many experts believe that Republicans and Donald Trump created the foundation for the attack of Ukraine through the impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump 'which showed that ' they careless about Ukraine ,s security with pre pro quo accusations.
While many Americans support Ukrainians ,they will not want Russia and Putin to kill them with nuclear weapons in case President Biden makes the mistake of triggering a third world war through Russia .
President Biden believes that containing Russia in Ukraine is wiser than let the war escalate into other regions and countries leading to the use of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
Biden 's wise decisions may look weak and too cautious by people who are least educated in these issues.
America cannot also go to the UN criminal court at the Hague to talk about war crimes when it undermines the court and UN system by refusing to let Americans or the USA face charges over there ,like those that UN member states accused the USA of committing during the Iraq war .
Many nations accuse the USA of hypocrisy for condemning the Russian invasion of a UN sovereign state or nation without the United nations authorization when the USA and UK did same in Iraq.
Americans voted against the Iraq invasion , and there were massive protests in the USA against the invasion of Iraq and killing of a Sovereign president .
Barack Obama says he regrets the invasion of Libya and the killing of Libyan president and USA ambassador.
Precedents make the UN security council helpless in dealing with another invasion by a veto member state of another UN member nation ,this time Russia of Ukraine.
Russia or mainland Rus sees Belarus ( White Russia) and Kievian Rus as one and regrets historical Polish invasion and occupation besides others .
Balancing the risk of a third World war and liberating Ukraine from the Russians. , NATO , EU, USA and the UN have chosen masterly inactivity as the best way out, as they encourage their surrogates to broker cease fire through talks like the recent failed one in Turkey

President Biden is first president of the USA and will be blamed if Russia uses nuclear weapons on Americans .
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA.
Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.