Mar. 12, 2022

No to Syrian refugees and yes to Ukrainians says Poles

The picture speaks volumes of anti refugee protest in Poland ,stopping Syrians and others from coming in until the Ukraine war with Russia has proven otherwise .
Poland has been praised by Roman catholic church minister Francis in Rome and people of the world as a shining example of a welcoming people who were not so welcoming not too long ago .
Russian Ukrainians may not be welcomed in Poland and have instead gone to Russia for safety.
Humans have been studied by experts in Social Psychology and still manage to defy certain assumptions.
How Syrians affect the thinking, feelings and behaviors of Poles is not the same way Ukrainians do the Poles .
Group behaviors as manifested in the Polish migration protests marches is not always easy to explain though most times the few who think and forcefully propel others into actions which they regret later or would not have engaged in if they were alone continue to run the show .
Cohesion and peace can be sustained if others are not threatened by the domineering attitude,' feelings and postures of others .
Humiliation and anger have caused great problems on Earth and Social psychologists may understand the reasons behind the Russia invasion of Ukraine not the proud and presumptuous.
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA
Adviser of prime ministers and presidents