Mar. 20, 2022

HND religious news : Al. Sharpton calls African Americans back to their roots .

Rev Al Sharpton a prominent African American minister and civil rights activist who preached the George Floyd Funeral Sermon returned to Houston from New York to Keynote the public session of the 90th anniversary of the conference of the Southern component of Alpha kappa Alpha Sorority incorporated .
Sharpton underscored the contributions of the sorority in the civil rights struggle.
Sharpton reminded the gathered crowd of African American women dressed in pink and green of the importance of the roots of a plant in surviving storms and connected it to the needs for African Americans to remain connected to their roots if they will survive as a people .
Sharpton prayed for the sufferings in Ukraine but called upon the USA government and world leaders to treat all refugees the same ' condemning thecwzy Hiatians who ran from their country because of. Disasters and other problems were badly treated under bridges at the USA borders .
Sharpton called out the hypocrisy of defending and promoting democracy abroad while undermining the same at home ' disenfranchising blacks with. Voting laws passed at state legislatures .
.Rev Sharptened asked the community to continue to support the faith institutions in their communities as a unifying force and to get the assistance of a higher power in all they do .
In a public address that recieved many standing ovations from the gathered distinguished women ' Sharpton acknowledged the leadership achievements of Houston government leader 'honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner.
The organization gave a contribution of five thousand dollars to the Sharpton organization to continue the work he and his team and followers do based on the direction and inspiration of the God of the Bible to fight for justice .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health expert,USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.