Mar. 20, 2022

HND European news: Zelensky says Ukraine will not join NATO

The secretary general of NATO cannot answer questions asked if his organization will declare war on Russia if chemical warfare is used by Russia in Ukraine 'only saying that NATO is working to deescalate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and to stop Russia engaging in a direct nuclear war with the rest of Europe .
.Zelensky continues to call for talks as both Russia and Ukraine have softened their positions with concessions.
Russia has accepted to let Zelensky remain in power as president of Ukrsine unlike the American invasion of Iraq that led to the removal from office and execution of the head of state of a sovereign government.
. Zelensky has agreed that Ukraine would not. join NATO 'going contrary to the wishes of NATO and the USA .
Turkey a friendly nation to Russia and member of NATO ' is mediating #ceasefire and peace talks between both nations .
China continues to call for an amicable dialogue and resolution to the conflict.
Whole the world is already gone back to the days of the cold war ' nations have realized that have nuclear weapons can be used to keep away bullies meddling in their internal affairs ' as Zelensky had regretted that the international community had forced Ukraine to give away certain deadly weapons .
Most invasions like the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions by the USA donot always turn out as planned and the Russia Ukraine invasion has brought back. Memories of failures with the Iraq invasion.
With the world now in some form of regional blocks politics ' global political pundits wonder if the is any super power nation in the world to safe others from the use of nuclear weapons by other World players .
Russia truly has exposed the weaknesses of the world order ' as they request that the Headquarters of the United nations be removed out of the USA city of New York to a neutral ground or nation .
President Biden has called Russia President Putin a tug and accused him of war crimes in Ukraine 'an accusations which was leveled at the USA and it's president during the Iraq invasion which some NATO nations including France and Germany said no to .
The United states had compromised the authority of the international criminal court by refusing Americans going before the court even for war crimes accusations.
Russia seem to have followed in the footsteps of the United states in it's disrespect of the United Nations as it also invades nations .
The G8 group had Russia as a member though the rest of the European member countries got Russia expelled for annexation of Crimea .
The United nations seem to be at the mercy of it's security council veto members who do as they please often .
Eastern Europeans w3ill have to learn to solve their own problems and live in.peace as the Russia Ukraine conflict has shown .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.